Welcome to the Website of
the delinquents
A tiny little punk band from Rothesay, New Brunswick

We consist of:
Jonathan Gaudet on Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals
Adam on Lead Bass and Rhythm Vocals
(that's right.. NO DRUMMER!)(and we no longer need one!)
Updated September 4, '99
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Download the delinquents' only online song, "I Break CD's". (Music by Adam. Verse lyrics by Jon, chorus lyrics by Adam)

Where has ??? gone? We miss your witty commentary.

You observant folks may notice that "We don't need" a drummer. That's right, our pal Daniel (a.k.a. Richie Rich) will be buying a drumset shortly. Yippee. Not much is happenin' here, that's why I haven't updated in so damn long. Um, sorry. Yeah.

School starts soon (blech) so there'll be more updates.. we'll be jamming more, writing more songs, etc. Some new pictures will come soon also, including one of me in my "Fuck Off" hat.. watch for it.

Everyone seems to like my picture of some guy stepping on Jesus. He's called the Everlasting God-Stopper.

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