Some Delinquent News:

The Variety Show News, as Told by Adam (remember, the views expressed by the bassist are not necessarily those of this network!): Hey folks - We did indeed play the RHS variety show, and if I do say so myself, did pretty damn good. We performed "I Touch Myself" by the Divinyls. Since the amazing Matt couldn't make it (trouble with his mommy.. aww) the even-more-amazing Mike Bennett filled in on drums. The audience evidently found something funny about a big 250 lb. dude with blue hair performing a punk rock song about masturbation. Cool though, I gotta say. We got a half-assed standing O.. or a sitting O.. or a standing C.. or something. We played good. Caged WAS better though. Hope we'll get some more shows or somethin'. Colin Costello is allegedly gonna "beat the f@#! out of" Jon, and to quote yet another Colin - "But he's the size of one of Jon's legs!" We'll see how this turns out.. -A.PS. ??? - who the hell are you?

10.6.1999 - Message to D.A. Records: You should hear us with a drummer.

10.6.1999 - Wow. we played at the variety show.. everyone except the Costellos loved us (apparently), for obvious reasons:)

12.5.1999 - See us play at the RHS variety show.. with Caged.

20.4.1999 - Sorry about the no news for a month thing..

20.4.1999 - Adam's new amp is a Traynor 80 watt by the way.. he no longer has the old Fender Frontman

20.4.1999 - I bought an Aria Pro 2.. i covered it in duct tape.. it's nice.