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Indoors, West Virginia

I took Ode to Stefanie off, because the McQuades'll sue me otherwise. From Mr. D - Sarah Sucks is dead cuz of my parents. Feel free to email us and tell us what you think of these interesting turns of events

West Virginia:
There's a chick from the states
she comes from West Virginia
I don't call her too much
cuz i'm a real cheapskate
Virginia, West Virginia, West Virginia,West Virginia
Home of my girl
Are there dogs under the porch?
Does Cleetus live nextdoor?
We don't really know
Cuz anything can happen in
Can't Afford a plane ticket
Might afford a train ticket
We're don't even know
If i'm no cheapskate in

I wanna go indoors
Cuz i Love boobs
there are boobs indoors
Do you love boobs?
Sean connery loves boobs
almost as i do
a certain breast-respect
most guys have it, but do you?
Perky boobies rock
flat ones suck
it's SO HARD to choose
in a crowd of nice boobs
I like deep fried boobs
on rye bread
i like shapely boobs
as big as my head
Europe has wine
Iraq has slime
America has boobs
and so do I!