Welcome to the Website of
the (insert band name here)
A tiny little punk band from Rothesay, New Brunswick

We consist of:
Jon "The Ladies' Man" on Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals (icq #6422817)
Adam "The Ugly Man" on Lead Bass and Rhythm Vocals (icq #8104156)
(that's right.. NO DRUMMER!)(and we need one, and badly!)
Updated 12/16/99 - Wow

Lasers May Be Dangerous!

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Now I'm righteously pissed.... here's why.

Firstly, our name is now "". Yep. No name. So, please help out this band "sans nom".. suggest a new name. Looks like there are a whole shitload of other bands called the Delinquents, and one of them signed our guestbook the other day. Damn.

Secondly, we still don't have a drummer. All musicians are bastards, really. We need a drummer, and BADLY.

Thirdly, there have been no shows round here of late... what can ya do. Finally, the everfucking counter is broken. Nothing is going right chez Adam & Jon lately.

View my "Funny" hat or you could view my picture of some guy stepping on Jesus.

You'll want to visit the site from dui.cjb.net now, since I'm taking http://listen.to/thedelinquents down shortly.

PLEASE sign the guestbook, unless you're going to make fun of Adam... but ESPECIALLY if you're gonna make fun of Jon. Contact us via ICQ - that's even better.

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