Mister Different -
Bass and Vocals, most of the music and some of the lyrics

Felt like changing this, so here I am. Uhm, I'm the weird guy in the back of the stage that shouldn't be playing louder than the guitar, but does anyway. That's right, I'm the bass dude, Adam. I just finished grade 9 at RHS, still have two eyes and still have brown punker/greaser hair, which will be blue soon. I still started on an old POS Hondo bass, and am still playing my Fender which I'll knock some holes in sometime later this year. I've been practicing weird bass stuff and am playing more leads now. Hmm, what else.. I write most of the Delinquents music since Jono don't know shit about theory. Jon writes the lyrics as he is a gifted poet, yadda yadda.. plus he has a knack for writing a good tune about boobies and is the lead vocalist. My hobbies include making fun of Tom's Mother, bothering Short People, and being a generally offensive bastard. Chicks hate me almost (but not quite!) as much as they hate Jono. Hooray.

Here're my favorite sites:

The Death Clock Freakin hilarious!

The BBQ Report Run by my bass teacher, Chuck Teed, and covers the Saint John music scene.

This one!

Punkbands.com A veritable plethora of punk rawk resources.

Bass Northwest If you're gonna buy a bass.. do it here.

Matt Wilson's Little Webzine

Fave bands - NOFX, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Rancid, Op. Ivy, MFATGG, The Vandals, Chuck Berry, 30footFall, Green Day.
Epitaph/Fat/Lookout/Nitro stuff rocks.

Equipment -

The earth is flat.